About Us


 Association of Kazakhstanies has been formed on November 12, 2003 as a non-for-profit organization in Ontario. Currently there are about 500 members.

The main objectives of the organization are:

  1. Unite people that have connection to Kazakhstan by organizing community gatherings, sports and recreational and cultural events.
  2. Educate people about Kazakhstan, it’s culture, traditions, language, economical and political systems. Provide help with legal and other questions about tourism, visa application processes and most popular sightseeings..
  3. Provide support and counseling to new immigrant and/or temporarily visiting compatriots, such as Bolashak or other students, with adaption.

Bolashak students

The Bolashak Programme (the Bolashak International Scholarship) is a  scholarship which is awarded to high-performing students from Kazakhstan to study overseas all-expenses paid, provided that they return to Kazakhstan to work for at least five years after graduation.
Since its implementation in 1993, more than 6,000 students have been awarded the scholarship. Most of these students travel to study in the United States, but also travel elsewhere around the world. The word "Bolashak" is translated into English as "Future". Overall, as of 2009 5950 students were awarded by a scholarship. Around 2000 are currently employed by the government and national companies. Presently, young people of Kazakhstan are granted the opportunity to study in 32 countries at 630 leading universities overseas.
There are about 75 Bolashak students are studying in Toronto and suburb universities and more than 200 students total in Canada.
Moreover there are about 100 students from Kazakhstan studying for their own expenses. 

Some of the events organized by association

Yearly Nauryz holiday celebration, New Year’s celebration, semi-annual whole community picnics, chess, table tennis and badminton tournaments.